Building Base

The weather is really cooling down in the mornings nice. The last week has been great for running. Good too as I am starting to pick up my base in anticipation of a mid-December training start. I plan to use Hansons Running 50 mile Boston Marathon training plan. It's an 18 week plan that starts …

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Destination Murphy/Brasstown NC

Last Thursday we made a quick trip up to Murphy, North Carolina. This was not a vacation. My brother-in-law passed away in August and this trip was to attend a remembrance dinner in Brasstown. John was a popular guy in this neck of the woods. Although not a vacation and not even a happy trip, let's face …

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The wait is over…Boston Marathon

If you read my last post, you know I applied to run in the 2017 Boston Marathon with an official squeaker time of BQ -3:49. Fast forward nine excruciating days to Wednesday morning 9/27; this is the day the BAA indicated all applicants would receive an email about the status of their application. Wednesday morning I arrived …

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