Building Base

The weather is really cooling down in the mornings nice. The last week has been great for running. Good too as I am starting to pick up my base in anticipation of a mid-December training start.

I plan to use Hansons Running 50 mile Boston Marathon training plan. It’s an 18 week plan that starts at 40 miles and caps at 58 miles. Since I have only been running 30 miles a week since May, in late September I started picking up my miles; 2 miles every other week. Once I get to 40 miles, I’ll be able to maintain that as base for 6 weeks before starting my 18 week plan.

This week was a 38 mile week. Running was super nice. With the weather being cooler I could let myself sleep in a little. Good too, since I am teaching an evening class and don’t get home until well after my normal bed time.

For Eugene, the plan I created was very similar to the Hansons method and I have to say I really felt great going into the marathon. For this marathon, as best as I can, I am going to follow the plan…I think anyways!

Hansons is very different from other plans I have run in that the mileage is spread out throughout the week, with less emphasis on ‘the long run’. It is a hard plan as you run 6 days a week. Three of those days contain what Hansons calls ‘something of substance’ or SOS. These include speed or strength workouts, tempo runs, and the long run. The other days are easy running days.

This morning I ran 10 miles. I met my training group well into their run. They are all marathon training now and are well up into their miles. Since I am only running 10 miles on the weekend, I can sleep in and catch them mid run.

That is another thing I like about the Hansons method. The longs runs are based on the total amount of miles for the week, with no run being more than 30% of the total distance for the week.

So with the Boston Marathon training schedule I will be using, the longest long run is 16 miles, and right now with my miles where they are, my long runs are pretty much capped at 10 miles, and I’m super good with that..


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