My Road to Boston – Week 16

Let this marathon taper begin! I am feeling good. No, I am feeling great!! I just knocked out my last long run, in the heat, and the humidity, and I’m done. Bring on the bacon and let’s celebrate!!

This week was hot. I mean it was really hot! And humid, sticky wet humid!! It may have snowed in Boston, but here in Florida, summer arrived.

Stupid ANT stick!
So training this week went well, despite the heat…but my Garmin, so sad, my ANT drive died 😦 Yes, my Garmin is an older model that is bluetoothless. It needs an ANT stick to download my runs to the computer, and my computer no longer recognizes it.

Travis, my IT guru son, got it working the last time I had this issue, but this time he said, well mom, you might want to find a new one. So, it’s ordered and I’m waiting…Fortunately I don’t need the ANT drive to run, because I had a lot of that to do!

This week, like all the others, I had 3 days of easy paced runs, and 3 days of SOS (something of substance) runs. Tuesday’s SOS run was four times 1.5 miles at marathon pace minus 10 seconds, on hills, with a half mile recovery between sets. The workout plus warm up and cool down amounted to 11 miles.

I was able to run each strength set OK, but my stomach was off, making for an uncomfortable run. When I finished, I had just under 2 miles to run for my cool down. I was so spent, that I ran the first mile and walked the second.

Thursday was tempo day. This week I had to do another 10 miles at marathon pace, with warm up and cool down, 13 miles total. Since I could stay flat, I ran out at Babcock Webb Wildlife Management Area, along Webb Lake Road. I got out there a little later than I had hoped and it was already warming up, but I felt good and was hitting marathon pace.

Webb Lake Road is a nice flat road with very little traffic. It’s 5 miles down to the end, so out and back and I have my 10 miles. I ran to the 5 mile mark and had just started heading back when I heard a text come in on my phone. I ignored it, and then I heard another, and another, and another. After about five message dings, I decided I should check it out. It could be an emergency right?

Well a friend of mine was doing a book signing. Very cool, but not quite an emergency. However, since I was stopped, and since there was zero traffic, I decided to hit the little girls room on the side of the road. I took cover behind a bush, squatted and there it was, a damn headlight! Why does that always happen?

It was a bike rider, and as she approach, I jumped out from my bush. She gave me the thumbs up…IDK do ya think she was on to me? Ya probably…

Sunday, like an hour ago, was my last long run…on hills. I had to run 16 miles. My target pace was 30 seconds to a minute slower than marathon pace (9:05-9:35). I had originally proposed the Celery Fields, but as so many of my friends are broken, yes injuries abound, we opted for road running instead of trail running.

Last long run!!
Road running was actually OK as I could start early and get some miles in the bank before sunrise. I met my friend Gary at 6am. Gary had 22 miles to do and already had four miles in. We ran an hour, and then picked up our friends Christina, Andrea, Debbie, and Michael back at the park where we started.

My hills were bridges, but I got 9 total. And, I finished with an overall pace of 9:11, right in the ballpark of what I needed. It was hard, it was hot, it was humid, but it is over, and I am oh so happy! 16 weeks done…2 to go!!


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