The wait is over…Boston Marathon

If you read my last post, you know I applied to run in the 2017 Boston Marathon with an official squeaker time of BQ -3:49. Fast forward nine excruciating days to Wednesday morning 9/27; this is the day the BAA indicated all applicants would receive an email about the status of their application. Wednesday morning I arrived at work and immediately checked to see if there were any updates on Facebook. And there was…the BAA posted notices would go out in the afternoon.

As best as I could I attempted to be productive, after all I do have a job, with responsibilities, but wow, it is so hard to focus when you have stakes this high hanging over your head.

I can’t even describe the feeling that came over me when I saw the email arrive. The notice popped up on my phone…email from Dear Elizabeth, this is to notify you that your entry… and that was it! I had to open the email to see more. Hands shaking I swiped to open the email, but where did it go? It’s gone! Not in my inbox, not marked as important, not in promotions…OMG!! Wait…go to back up plan. Surface Pro is open; check email on it. There it is…quick open before it goes away!


And in bold letters, there it was “has been accepted”. I’m in…I’m going to Boston! The unicorn is mine! Ahhh….Calm down…breathe!

Interestingly, it was 2pm before I ever found that missing email on my phone. I don’t recall where it ended up getting filed…doesn’t really matter. I’m just super happy I had a back up plan…and that it worked. And that the email was good news!  This year’s cutoff was a whopping -2:09.



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