My Road to Boston – Week 15

Another week in the bank and only three to go! This week I had a lot of fun. I got to do some exploring; I got to run with good friends; I got to run with my dog; I got all of my runs in; all of my miles in; and although slightly modified, I got my SOS (something of substance) runs in. And…I got this!!!! Another sign besides my tired legs that Boston is near 🙂

Recall I am following a Hanson’s training plan specific for Boston. Week 15 had me running 56 miles, 3 easy days of 6 miles, a strength run of 10 miles, a tempo run of 14 miles, and a long run of 14 miles.

Tuesday’s strength workout was 3 x 2 miles at marathon pace minus 10 seconds with a half mile recovery. These went really well, although somewhere I got it in the head that with warm up and cool down my total miles should equal 11 miles. When I got done with my sets and realized I would be a mile short, I added it to my cool down. Then I got home and realized, nope it was 10 miles…OK an early bonus mile!

Wednesday I headed to Gainesville after doing my Friday easy paced run. I had to make the switch so that I could run my tempo on Friday as Thursday I would be tied up in a meeting all day. The switch also let me take Thursday, my busy day, as my rest day.

I spent quite a bit of time researching good spots to do my Friday tempo. My plan had me doing 2 x 5 miles at marathon pace, on hills, with a mile recovery, plus a warm up and cool down for 14 miles. My goal was to find a place where I didn’t have to cross a lot of streets (no stopping!). During my research I came across this post  and was intrigued by Sweetwater Preserve.

After doing more research I discovered Sweetwater Preserve could be access from the Gainesville Hawthorne Trail, and it was so! I parked at a Gainesville Park called Boulware Springs Park. From there it was a short run to the Gainesville Hawthorne Trail, and another short run to the trail head for Sweetwater Preserve.

Sweetwater Preserve is a bit of a technical trail, too technical for a tempo run anyways, but I had to run it. As my friend Michael says “fun, keep it fun!” So no problem, I just modified my tempo to do 2 miles warm up off road at the preserve, 3 miles tempo on paved the Gainesville Hawthorn trail, 3 miles recovery off road in the preserve, 2 x 2 miles tempo on paved trail, 1 mile recovery on paved trail, and 1 mile cool down also on the paved trail. Pretty close to the plan right?? Yeah I know, not even in the ballpark. But I did it anyways 🙂






Sunday was another 14 mile run, this one with 8 x 3 minutes at marathon pace and 2 minutes recovery mixed in. I met a group of friends at Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. We ran the trails there and also crossed the bridge over to Carlton Reserve for some running over there.

Carlton Reserve has some great BMX trails that are a lot of fun to run. We took time to shoot video for me to send for a chance to be in a video being produced for the Boston Marathon. Since I’m not entirely sure how to embed that video you’ll just have to trust me when I say it’s fabulous!

One more week of build before I taper!! 15 weeks down; 3 to go!


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