My Road to Boston – Week 13

Things are getting real now. This week, oh so exciting, I got my bib number, wave, and coral assignment! My friend Sherry also created a Facebook group message for all of the Zoomers running Boston. The chatter alone has me all pumped up!

Running this week was hard. Between the fatigue from last Sunday’s half marathon, the increased mileage, and the “Something of Substance” (SOS) workouts, I’m pretty tired; but as my friend Judy says “This is where the rubber hits the road.” And, in the grand scheme of things, I am doing fine.

In fact, Monday I felt really good. Monday was a 6 mile recovery run with strides. My legs felt good, my pace was good, and honestly I could have kept going…actually I did for an extra half mile.

Tuesday the post race fatigue set in just in time for my strength workout. My plan called for 3 times 2 miles at marathon pace minus 10 seconds, with a half mile recovery, sandwiched between my 1.5 miles warm up and cool down. It was as hard mentally as it was physically. I only made it 1.25 miles on the last set, but all in all I was happy with my performance.

Thursday was the killer…2 times 5 miles at marathon pace on hills with a mile recovery. With my warm up and cool down that’s 14 miles. I did my workout on the US41 bridges which I had to run across and back 3 times for six hills total. I can’t even begin to describe how hard the last couple miles were.

Friday morning I ran an easy 6 miles with my friend Andrea. And, Saturday I ran a 10k race at the new Babcock Ranch development. I didn’t race this one, actually I paced my friend Eric. But, my non-race pace still got me a 3rd place finish.

Sunday morning I ran with friends Michael and Christina. I am so glad they were tired, because I was whipped! In fact I arrived 45 minutes before them so I could log a few miles before they got there, but my legs were cramping so bad I only got 2 in before they arrived.

The sunrise was spectacular during my 2 mile pre-run, before my friends arrived.

We ran on the trails at Babcock Ranch Wildlife Management Area. It was hard running, mostly as our route had us exposed to the sun the entire time, but I got 15 miles with miles 13 & 14 at marathon pace. When I finished my legs were like jello!

After I got home I downloaded my Garmin, and then took a peak at my training plan. I’ve been really conflicted over the taper, which in a Hanson’s plan is much shorter than other plans I’ve used. I had kind of decided to split the difference (between 10 days and 3 weeks) and do a two week taper, but guess what? When I looked back over my plan (which is one of the custom plans), it is a two week taper! Problem solved…taper in 3 weeks!! Another week done…5 to go!


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