My Road to Boston – The rest of week 8 and week 9

Since I don’t really remember where I left off on week 8, I’ll just recap my long run. My plan had me doing 15 miles at an easy to moderate pace, and I could stay flat. That worked out well as my running group planned a long run in Venice, Florida on the Legacy Trail. The Legacy Trail is a Rails to Trails network, portions of which are really pretty. We ran 5 miles out, which put us as the entrance of Oscar Scherer State Park. From there we ran 6 miles inside the park, then did another 5 miles back to the start. Yes, I know that adds up to 16…there was a missed turn somewhere in the park…it happens.

Week 9…I had three, what looked to be hard, “something  substance” or SOS runs. Tuesday (SOS #1) was 10 x 3 minutes up then down hill, with 2 minutes recovery, sandwiched between 1.5 mile warm up and cool down. My plan said that would add up to 8 miles…maybe I’m slow, I got 9 out of the deal. Not a bad thing though since I flaked out on Monday and only did 5 of my 6 miles easy paced run. 16681720_1468371843175102_1026081536775661571_nThursday’s run (SOS #2) was 6 miles at marathon pace, sandwiched between my 1.5 mile warm up and cool down. I was a little fearful of that one. Thursday morning was pretty warm, right before the cold front, and during my last 2 tempo miles, the fog rolled in making it really hard to finish, but I did…yay me!

Friday and Saturday were 6 mile easy paced runs. On Saturday, I went out to Babcock Webb Wildlife Management Area with my dog Otis. He loves to run out there. It’s really the only place that allows dogs off lease too. Saturday was the day of the deer. They were everywhere. But the best was running across a little fawn that couldn’t have been more than a couple days old. Oh my…so dang cute!!!

16722611_10211298741371891_2470836628642980526_oSunday morning (this morning) back to the Webb for my long, and final SOS run. I had to run 15 miles with 8 x 3min at marathon pace, followed by 2min recovery in my last 5 miles. Our first 10 miles were off the beaten trail with a lot of sugar sand…I mean a lot of sugar sand! It was hard but somewhere around mile 8, we came upon 40 acre lake (that is what it’s called) which has a berm around it. That was a nice recovery. After that another couple miles, a hop over a small ditch, thru a palmetto patch, and we were on hard packed road for my final 5 with marathon paced repeats. I really wasn’t sure after running through the sugar sand if I would be able to do all 8 of the sets, but I did. After my last set I ran a mile back to my car, which put me at 15.5 miles, a little over, but gotta get that cool down run in.

16664904_10211298741291889_272194429204676101_o 16587378_10211298741331890_5689918001860665020_o

So here I am, finished with week 9. I’m at the half way point, and I’m feeling good.



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