My Road to Boston – Week 5

Whew…I’m glad this one is over! Tough week! Could have been a failure but I’m happy to report it wasn’t. Keep in mind I’m a glass half full girl.

So my week started with me in New Orleans for a two day meeting. My schedule had me running 6 miles on Monday and 8 miles with hill repeats on Tuesday before flying home on Wednesday (my rest day).  I figured I could get the 6 miles in pretty easy but knew the my Tuesday run was highly unlikely.

Because of the one hour time change, Monday morning I was up and ready to go at 4am, so as planned I headed to the fitness center and logged my run on the treadmill. Success! Boring, but success none the less. Tuesday morning however, I needed to prep for my meeting early so I figured maybe I would just swap my rest day out and run on Wednesday before my flight back.

Well that was before a group of us headed out for the evening. We returned at a respectable 1am, but had to leave to catch our flight at 8am in the morning. No run happening. By the time I got home Wednesday night it was after 6pm and I was toast…Write this run off. It’s OK, it happens, and it’s still early.

Thursday morning I got up and felt really good…so happy to sleep in my own bed. My plan had me running 7 miles with 4 at marathon pace. I ran 10 with 4 at marathon pace. Friday and Saturday were 6 mile runs and I completed them without issue.

Sunday morning I had 12 miles to do with hills if possible. A group of us went to Sarasota to run the Celery Fields. I’ve always wanted to go to the Celery Fields. Heard great things about it, both from runners because it has a big hill, and also from birders because birding is great in its many wetlands.

The Celery Fields in Sarasota, Florida. Photo Sarasota County

The Celery Fields are as the name implies, old celery fields. Today it is a Sarasota County park and stormwater retention area. For SWFL this is a runners dream! Apparently the big hill is from when the stormwater ponds were dug. There are numerous trails that go up the hill and around the hill. You can also run berms around the ponds. I have to say, it was hard! But so much fun. Can’t wait to go back.

So as I write this I am one day into week 6 at the end of which will put me 1/3 done. Also this week, in two days to be precise, I get to register for the Boston 5k which is run the Saturday before the marathon.  Can you tell I’m excited? Stay tuned, more to come.



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