My Road to Boston – Week 4

Well I did it! I finished week four with a spur of the moment half marathon. A fun one too!

So week four of my plan had me running 43.5 miles, with 5 on Monday and Friday, 6 on Saturday, 13 on Sunday (hence the half), and then 7 with fartleks on hills on Tuesday, and 7.5 with 2 x 2 miles at marathon pace on Thursday.

Mile wise I did really well, but on Tuesday I thought my total miles were supposed to be 7.75 and couldn’t figure out why mine were not going to add up, so I ran more…8.25 miles to be exact. That let me run less on Thursday and Saturday; a good thing since I decided to add this trail half into my training plan. I also skipped the tempo repeats in my Thursday run since I knew I would be running hard on Sunday.

15941140_10209618903683636_4163143976132301264_n 15966294_10155000298449165_2337737171822434993_n

So Sunday, was the River, Roots, and Ruts half marathon at Caloosahatchee Regional Park in Alva, Florida. It’s a trail race on BMX trails that are quite technical…very technical! I ran with several of my running friends. We all signed up at the last minute. Crazy us because the weather was brutal cold and windy, and we knew it going in.

The race is hard, really hard, with lot’s of hills, miles of hills!

It took a full couple miles of running before I started to warm up and at least two before I could feel the tips of my fingers. Later in the race, when we were in the sun I wanted to shed a layer of clothes but then we would head back into the trees and I was always glad to have kept them on.

I used the race as my tempo run, but because of the course, I just ran hard spurts, since an 8.35 pace was not realistic. The race course has a lot of the dense cover, and as a result, my Garmin only recorded 12.5 miles of the course. I knew my gps was skipping in and out as my pace was regularly going from 9.5 to 17 mph.


I finished the race in 2:08 at a 9:47 pace; a time good enough to take 1st in my age group.

So time to start thinking about week 5; and it’s going to be a tough one. For starters I have a trip to New Orleans right at the start of it and my miles will be up to 45 for the week. Can’t wait to see how I do…stay tuned.


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