My Road to Boston – Week 3 Done!

Happy New Year!! And what a way to end week three on my marathon training plan; a morning trail blazing run at RV Griffin Reserve with good friends.

My running plan called for 10 miles, easy to moderate, hills if possible. Well I got 10 miles at an easy pace, and although no real hills aside from a ditch or two, definitely some rough terrain…and cows 🙂

My amazing running peeps.
Gail making new friends.








Not only did I start 2017 on a great running note, I ended 2016 on a happy run note too…a run with a good friend and our pups. There are not many places in southwest Florida where dogs can run off leash but Babcock Webb WMA is one of those places and boy did the puppies ever have fun. We did 6 miles…they did at least 8.

Me and Otis. Love this dog!!

So tomorrow starts week 4 and it also adds another something of substance day. On Tuesdays from here on out I have speed work (speed turns to strength after week 8). So this means speed on Tuesdays, tempo on Thursdays and long runs on Sundays.

The only hiccup that I foresee, is that I am seriously contemplating a race on Sunday. My training plan has me running 13 miles and there just happens to be a great trail half marathon on Sunday. 6+ miles are on BMX paths, so it would be good hill training (well good hill training for southwest Florida).

Anyways…I think I’m going to do it. Last year I ran this race as a relay and it was a blast…Of course it poured down rain the entire race making it a total mud run. This year we are in a drought…no rain in the forecast, but I suspect it will still be an awesome run. Stay tuned!



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