Food Poisoning…Ugh!

Christmas morning running friends

So my training took a bit of a detour this week. I’m now on week three of my 18 week marathon training plan. Weeks one and two went flawlessly. I hit all my runs and my training paces. This, despite the Christmas holiday, company, and food. Even Christmas morning, I got my long run (11 miles) in. And, I had good running company for most of it.

Monday morning, the beginning of week three, I logged my 6 mile easy pace run as scheduled. We had James’ son Mason, his girlfriend Sangsook, and their six month old Malcolm for a couple days over Christmas. Monday afternoon, their plan was to eat an early dinner before hitting the road. We had all decided to go out to dinner, but when the time came to leave, James’ mom was tired and not hungry so Travis (our youngest) and I stayed home with her, and we ordered in.

I have to say the pizza tasted fine. It really did. And the only saving grace is that James’ mom didn’t eat any, despite my offering her some twice. By 11pm I knew something bad was happening. I didn’t sleep all night. The next morning when Travis got up I asked him how he was feeling. Iffy was the reply. Travis went to work, only to show back up in the driveway an hour later. It was not a good day.

Tuesday I was supposed to do an easy pace 6 mile run. There was no way that was happening. Wednesday however was my rest day so I figured I could just swap days and do my 6 miles on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning I did feel better, not great, but better than the day before, so I decided I needed to suck it up and run. It wasn’t pretty but I got 5.2 miles in before throwing in the towel.

By this morning, Thursday, I was in much better shape. Good thing too. Thursday is a something of substance day (Tempo repeats today). My plan called for 1.5 mile warm up, followed by 4 times of 1 mile at marathon pace with .25 mile recovery, and then 1.5 mile cool down.

My run wasn’t perfect, but I completed it, well a slightly modified version of it, and hit my paces for each set. My run looked like 1.5 warm up, 2 times 1 mile marathon pace with .25 recovery, .5 marathon pace, bathroom break, 1 mile marathon pace with .25 recovery, .5 marathon pace, 1.5 mile cool down.

So rolling into Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of week three and I am only .75 miles behind (I got an extra .05 this morning). That’s not too shabby considering how the week began.



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