My Road to Boston Begins

Yes, it has started. In fact, I am now a week and a half in. And so far, so good!

I am training, using a Hanson’s 50 mile a week Boston Marathon, 18 week plan. I started on December 12th. Between May (post Eugene) and October, I ran 30 miles a week with some occasional speed work thrown in. Because this plan starts out at 41 miles a week, I began building my base in October (actually the end of September).

I managed to run 40 +/- miles for 5 weeks, then the week before my training began I had a work trip to Puerto Rico. When I received the agenda for the week, I knew running would be a challenge. They had us getting on a bus in the morning at 8am and then not returning via bus until at least 10pm each day. Turns out, it was ok, maybe even a blessing.

Why, well I twisted my ankle a few days before leaving. It was tender but didn’t appear swollen. With tape I was still running, but after each run it was quite sore. Once I wrapped my head around the fact that my trip to Puerto Rico would be a good chance to rest my ankle and start training fresh, I was able to put my running guilt aside.

I thought I might be able to do some swimming and packed for that, but the only swimming I did the entire week was a little splashing around in a bioluminescent bay. A lot of fun, but exercise? No! And then, can I talk food? Holy smokes, I really ate bad! In fact, I think I had my bacon fix for the next 3 years! Do Bloody Mary’s counter bacon? If they do, I’m golden 🙂

Back home, and back to reality on December 10th. And, guess what, my ankle feels great! In fact even my knee, which has had lingering issues since May feels pretty good. Yes, the power of rest, and bacon..

So week one, 41 miles. Some pretty easy speed work on Thursday and a 10 mile run on Sunday, with 6 miles easy pace the remaining days. Piece of cake. Well kind of sort of. Sunday was really, really, hot! In fact, it was record breaking hot for SWFL. At least I was in good company.

Week two, so far is going well. I got my new Newton Distance yesterday, and took them out for a test run this morning for my speed run. I love Newton’s! They felt great and I hit my paces without any problems.

I should also mention I am doing core work. This is a big deal for me because I really hate core work. It’s something I’ve really struggled with in the past. To the point that I know I should do it. I think about doing it. I’ve even researched core training videos. I’ve said to myself, this one looks really good. But, did I get down on the floor and do the video? No! So, yay me. I’m doing planks. And, I can hold one for two minutes!!


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