I’m registered…and waiting!

It’s been a LONG week! I registered for my first Boston Marathon on Monday, so exciting.


However, because my time was less than 5 minutes (-3.49 to be exact) under my qualifying time, I had to wait until the second week of registration. Having a BQ doesn’t guarantee entry, it just allows you to apply. Where week one registrants pretty much know they’re in, those of us in week two are ‘on the bubble’. We know more people applied than Boston can accept, so some registrants are going to get cut. The question is at what cut-off time? This we won’t know until mid this week when all of the acceptance emails go out in bulk, probably Wednesday.  I feel really good about my time, I really do…BUT, until I get the confirmation I’m not in.

It’s funny, the BAA has said on more than one occasion, that they will send all week two notices mid next week, but that hasn’t stopped me from checking the entry list at least once daily, just in case.  I’m also stalking the BAA Facebook page. I read all the posts and all the comments. I guess it’s comforting knowing that I’m not alone, there’s a lot of other squeakers (the official name for those of us less than 5 minute people), who are also stalking posts and checking the entry list daily too.

untitledOn a good note, when registration opened on September 12th, I was getting ready to head over to Palm Coast for the Florida Outdoor Writers Association annual conference. Being at the conference, and it was a great one, really helped to keep my mind busy on other things.  I gave a talk, fished in the conference tournament, visited a couple State Parks, ran a couple trails, hit the pools…all four of them, and I got an award…Way cool!!

Palm Coast is in Flagler County on Florida’s East Coast. It’s a small county with just over 100K residents, and the County has done a great job at protecting land and providing public access trails and beach access. And they are super dog friendly, always a plus in my book even though I did not have Otis with me.

Washington Oaks Gardens is a really pretty park; however, the mosquitoes like to eat us alive. We tried to visit the Rose garden which is inside a fence, and I’m sure lovely, but couldn’t open the gate quick enough without being attacked.  Ran to the car and drove the park. I hear late in the day is a good time to visit, at least this time of year.

Washington Oaks State Park - Where the mosquitos like to eat us alive.img_7219

Graham Swamp Trail – was a great find on our way to another State Park. It has a great running trail that is quiet and shaded…and NO mosquitoes! Don’t bother scanning the QR codes; they don’t work. But on a good note the signage is really good.


Graham Swamp Trail was a really nice shaded trail.
Graham Swamp Trail was a really nice shaded trail.


Bulow Plantation State Park is an old sugar plantation that was burned by the Seminole Indians. The building is constructed from cocquina shells. The drive in is really pretty. There’s also some trails, but since we had already run, we didn’t explore.

img_7242 img_7246 img_7254 img_7253 img_7255




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