St. Pete – Hanging with my work peeps!

This week I spent a few days an hour and a half up the road in St. Petersburg for a work meeting. As much as I hate leaving the family, I love seeing my work peeps. We are all spread out across the State and only get to see each other once or twice a year.

My friends from work - geographically covering the Space Coast, Nature Coast, Gulf Coast, and our mother ship in Gainesville.
My friends from work pre-run – geographically we cover the Space Coast, Nature Coast, Gulf Coast, and the UF Gainesville campus

A bonus of work meetings is that a few of my colleagues like to run. None are quite as obsessed as me, but they’re always happy to indulge me in a group run.

This meeting location was particularly nice because we were staying at the Hilton in downtown St. Pete very near the water and St. Pete has a nice pedestrian walkway that overlooks Tampa Bay.

St. Pete waterfront
St. Pete waterfront

I squeaked out two 5 mile runs while in town, the first day with a group of colleagues and the second day I ran solo. I ran the same route both days, but day one it was super hot and no breeze. Day two was still hot but the wind was blowing at about 15-20 making for a nice run, and a challenging one when it was head wind.


On a good training note, I’m still recovering from the Eugene Marathon so my mileage is down and I’m not doing any speedwork yet.  Having no set training requirement is good when traveling since it can be difficult to get runs in at times.  No goals, no disappointments.

Next week it’s back to training with a kick off race on Memorial Day. I don’t have any speed expectations, it’s a good race, a great cause, and I wanted it on my calendar to put me back in the running game.  So we shall see…



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