Eugene Marathon 2016 – Getting there!!

There were two banners outside the Expo tent with all the race participant’s names on them by state

If you read my last post you know I am headed to Eugene Oregon with two of my running friends to run the Eugene Marathon.

We’ve all been training for months, but busy as we are we’ve mostly trained separately with a few group runs sprinkled in.  We are also all dealing with pre-race injuries.  Mine is my knee. Gail just finished a Half Ironman and is dealing with hip pain, and Sherri twisted her ankle.  Interestingly Sherri and I both injured ourselves coming off the bridge after hill repeats on a Tuesday, just not the same Tuesday. Lesson learned, stay off bridges on Tuesdays! At this point Sherri is probably in the worst shape. Her ankle is still swollen although she got the green light to run after visiting her foot doctor.

Fast forward to our departure – Our plans had us leaving from my house on Friday morning at 5 am to catch a 7:30 am flight out of Fort Myers.  5:00 Gail’s arrived but no Sherri, 5:10 no Sherri, I call, no answer. Gail calls, no answer. By 5:20 we decide we need to head out. 6 am Sherri calls, her alarm didn’t go off and she just woke up. How she got to the airport in 35 minutes, and how she made it through security in time to board the plane is a story to itself but long story short she made the flight. Life is good, we’re on our way!

Our flight left on time and was headed to Dallas/Ft. Worth where we had a little over an hour layover. Things looked great until an hour before we were supposed to land. This is when we learned there were storms over Dallas and we couldn’t land. Instead we had to circle for at least a half hour waiting for the storms to pass. No worries on your connection they say, all flights will be delayed. We finally get on the ground but now have to wait for another plane to leave our gate so that we can pull up to it. Again don’t worry all flights are delayed.  Well maybe all but ours. Ours left on time without us.

You have to go to the customer care center and re-book we’re told. So off we go in search of the customer care center.  It is now 10:30 am and we are told the next flight to Portland is at 7:30 pm but there’s only one seat left. Hmmm there’s three of us, no that won’t work! Well we can get you on a 10:30 pm flight. Are you kidding me!!! Finally she says I can book you on a 3:05 flight through Phoenix and you’ll arrive in Portland at 7:35 pm. Sold!!

We arrive in Portland now exhausted after 15 hours of airline time (our original flight was only 8 hours). But we’re not quite there yet. We have to get our rental car and drive 2.5 hours to Eugene. I’m so tired that I can’t figure out how to get to the rental car confirmation email and I tell Gail and Sherri, I’m pretty certain it’s through Trifty, so we get on the shuttle and head to the Trifty lot. Wrong! It was Payless. So we get back on the Trifty shuttle go back to the airport, get on the Payless shuttle and get our car. It’s now 9 pm.

Our cute little house

11:30 pm (2:30 am our time) we pull into the cutest little house you’ve ever seen, our home for the next three days. We walk in, say this is really cute, let’s find the beds. We slept like rocks.

Saturday morning we went for our quick pre-race day run then headed to the Expo to pick up our race packets. After, we stopped by the famous Saturday downtown market, grabbed some lunch, then headed home.

After our long travel the day before, my legs were feeling fatigued. I drank, drank, drank and just couldn’t feel hydrated enough. By early evening I was pouring salt in my water in a desperate attempt to get my legs ready to run.

That evening Sherri’s cousin came into town with her cousin’s mom. They live in Oregon about 3 hours away and came over to see Sherri run the marathon.  We all had dinner together at the house. I was in bed by 8:30. Tomorrow would be the big day!!


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